The Pools for the 2023 Olympic Qualifying Tournaments are here

LAUSANE, Switzerland, March 17, 2023.- The Drawing of Lots for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament has now taken place, as the world’s best vie for a spot in Paris 2024 and there is sure to be a lot of conversation in the coming days and weeks from the teams, players and the  global volleyball community as to what it means for the teams. 

Here are the pools:

Women’s Pools:

Pool A (China): China, Serbia, Dominican Republic, Netherlands, Canada, Czechia, Mexico, Ukraine

Pool B (Japan): Brazil, Japan, Türkiye, Belgium, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Perú

Pool C (Poland): Poland, Italy, United States, Germany, Thailand, Colombia, Korea, Slovenia

Men’s Pools:

Pool A (Brazil): Brazil, Italy, Iran, Cuba, Ukraine, Germany, Czechia, Qatar

Pool B (Japan): Japan, United States, Slovenia, Serbia, Türkiye, Tunisia, Egypt, Finland

Pool C (China): China, Poland, Argentina, Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Bulgaria

France has already qualified as host of the 2024 Olympics in Paris, France has already qualified.

The other 5 countries (per gender) eligible for a spot will be selected after the preliminary rounds of the Volleyball Nations League are completed.

You can read the full qualification process here.

The Women’s OQTs will take place 16-24 September 2023 in China (Pool A), Japan (Pool B), Poland (Pool C) and the Men’s OQT’s will take place September 30 – October 8, 2023 in Brazil (Pool A), Japan (Pool B), China (Pool C).