Emilio Andrews leads Nicaragua to victory

BELIZE CITY, Belize, August 09, 2023. Middle blocker Emilio Andrews (#7) scored 21 points in Nicaragua’s 3-1 victory (26-24/22-25/25-14/25-19) against Panama in the first match of the fourth day of competition in the XXII AFECAVOL Central American Men’s Volleyball Cup.

Andrews scored 10 points from attacks and 11 from blocks. His teammate, opposite hitter Dennis García, contributed with 19 points, 18 from attacks and one from a block, making him Nicaragua’s second highest scorer.

Outside hitter Jason Quintero scored 24 points, 21 on attacks, one on blocks and two aces, as Panama’s leading scorer, followed by teammates Félix Williams and middle blocker Ludrik West, each with 11 points.

Panama dominated in attacks 55-52 and in serves 5-2. Nicaragua excelled in blocks 16-5. Nicaragua earned 28 points from Panama’s unforced errors while conceding 17 points from their own mistakes.

On Thursday, August 10, Nicaragua will have a rest day, and Panama will face Honduras at 5:00pm.



Dennis García, opposite hitter from Nicaragua: “The match against Panama was very important for us to contend for a medal in the competition. We entered with strength and confidence in ourselves. Unfortunately, the previous matches didn’t go our way, so today we came to seek victory, and we managed to secure the match”.

Jason Quintero, lateral attacker from Panama: “This match was challenging against a well-prepared team. We couldn’t execute the set plays we had been working on since the first match, and we continue to push ourselves to achieve the medal.”