U19 NORCECA PAN AM Cup serves as test of new FIVB rule

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, March 12, 2023.- The Boys U19 NORCECA Pan American Cup will serve for coaches and teams to better prepare for a new volleyball rule that will be implemented and tested as during this year’s age group FIVB World Championship.

NORCECA president Cristobal Marte Hoffiz and Referee Coach of the event Prof. José Luis Jiménez Lao in compliance to the FIVB regulations, explained coaches the details of the rule which states that at the first hit of the team, it is forbidden to make the service reception with an overhand fingers action.

For this matter, coaches were handed out a written description of the rule clarifying that the service reception is only permitted by a digging action or any action that does not involve overhand fingers (setting mode).

The FIVB goal is to reduce the high number of service errors in a match by encouraging variety in the type of service style, to encourage the use of floating serves for those players who are not so consistent using the jump serve, to continue encouraging the spectacular jump serve leading to an “ace” for those players who are very strong in this action and who are consistent in using it, to create longer rallies getting better attack/defence balance and to reduce pseudo rallies and one-attack rallies.