Virgen and Sarabia dethrone Urrutia/Satterfield at Cayman Islands

SEVEN MILES BEACH, Cayman Islands (May 21, 2023) – Juan Virgen alongside Miguel Sarabia of Mexico won the third phase of the Norceca Tour in Cayman Islands defeating Jake Urrutia and Ian Sutterfield of the United States.

The Mexican duo beat last year’s champions here in Cayman Islands Jake Urrutia – Ian Satterfield 2-0 (21-15, 21-16). They dominated the first set without a problem, but in the second set they came back from a disadvantage.

Olympian Juan Virgen has several titles in different Norceca events, he has been one of the few players that keeps competing in the tour, although he is active in FIVB events.

Americans, Jake Urrutia / Ian Satterfield reached the final, dominating Guatemala’s Andy Leonardo / Luis Garcia without complications 21-19, 21-10.

Miguel Sarabia (1) and Juan Virgen (2) of Mexico win their first Norceca title as a team

The Mexican semifinal could not be completed when Gabriel Cruz was injured and wasn’t able to continue playing with Jorge Barajas. Therefore, Juan Virgen and Miguel Sarabia advanced to the championship match.

Third place went to the Guatemalans Leonardo/Garcia.

Mens Semifinals – Urrutia / Satterfield (USA) d. Blanco / García (GUA) (21-19, 21-10); Sarabia / Virgen (MEX) d. Barajas / Cruz (MEX) (injury); 11th place – Kwasny / Rodriguez (ISV) d. Hodge / Seabrooke (SKN) (24-26, 21-17, 15-13); 9th place – Kemp / Gannett (CAN) d. Cascante / Lopez (NCA) (21-17, 21-15); 7th place – Flores / Guatemala (ESA) d. Macneill / Russell (CAN) (forfeit);  5th place – Kolinske / Smith (USA) d. Williams / Whitfield (TTO) (21-10, 21-10); 3rd place – Blanco / Garcia (GUA) d. Barajas / Cruz (MEX) (injury); Championship Match – Virgen / Sarabia (MEX) d. Urrutia / Satterfield (USA) ( 21-15, 21-16)

Alanis Navas/Maria Gonzalez conquer Cayman Islands

SEVEN MILES BEACH, Cayman Islands (May 21, 2023) – The duo of Alanis Navas and Maria Gonzalez from Puerto Rico won their second title in the history of the NORCECA Tour after conquering Caiman Islands.

The Puerto Ricans defeated Natalia Giron / Estefanie Bethancourt of Guatemala in the title match in straight sets 21-14, 21-15.

Girón / Bethancourt become the second team from Guatemala to reach the final, Susana Alvarado alongside Lula Ramírez finished second in 2012.

Navas and Gonzalez add their second continental title, their first was in 2022 at Hato Mayor, Dominican Republic. It is the third occasion that Puerto Rico wins at Seven Miles Beach previously Yarleen Santiago / Dariam Acevedo won in 2010 and 2011.

María González of Puerto Rico spikes

In the match for third place Ruby Sorra / Lea Monkhouse of Canada defeated Cubans Yenifer Rivera/Amanda Armenteros in two sets (21-19, 21-18).

The final day began with the semifinal matches, with Natalia Giron / Estefanie Bethancourt of Guatemala reaching the country’s second final after defeating Yenifer Rivera / Amanda Armenteros of Cuba (21-17, 21-14).

In the other semifinal, Alanis Navas / Maria Gonzalez of Puerto Rico had to battle three sets to defeat Canadians Ruby Sorra / Lea Monkhouse (19-21, 21-15, 18-16).

Womens Semifinals – Navas / González (PUR) d. Sorra / Monkhouse (CAN) (19-21, 21-15, 18-16);  Giron / Bethancourt (GUA) d. Rivera / Amanda (CUB) (21-17, 21-14); 11th place – López / Silva (NCA) d. Thompson / Gandolfi 9caY) (21-17, 21-17); 9th place – Albarran / Torres (MEX) d. Corah / Goodman (CAN) (15-23, 21-12); 7th place – Kelly Smith (JAM) d. Gutierrez / Flores (MEX) (injury); 5th place – Chacon / DeBerg (USA) d. Soler / Molina (ESA) (21-12, 21-9); 3rd place – Sorra / Monkhouse (CAN) d. Rivera / Amanda (CUB) (21-19, 21-18); Championship Match – Navas / González (PUR) d. Giron / Bethancourt (GUA) (21-14, 21-15)

Semifinal in Cayman Islands is a repeat of the 2022 Final

SEVEN MILES BEACH, Cayman Islands (May 20, 2023) – The men’s semifinal of the Cayman Islands NORCECA Tour will feature a repeat of the 2022 final between United and Guatemala; the other semifinal is between the two Mexican pairs.

Jake Urrutia / Ian Satterfield of the United States will face Andy Leonardo / Luis Garcia of Guatemala, both pairs staged in this same arena the 2022 final, won by Urrutia and Satterfield. The Americans reached the semi-final after defeating Trinidad & Tobago, Daneil Williams / Fabien Whittfield (25-23, 21-16).

For their part, the Guatemalans overcame Canadians, Russell Macneil / Jake Macneil, in three sets (16-21, 24-21, 15-12).

Luis García of Guatemala against Canada’s block

The other semifinal will be between Mexicans. After their quarterfinal victory, Jorge Barajas / Gabriel Cruz over William Kolinske / Hagan Smith of the United States 18-21, 21-17, 16-14. Meanwhile, veteran Juan Virgen alongside Miguel Sarabia defeated Franklin Flores / Armando Guatemala of El Salvador 21-8, 21-19.

The semifinals are scheduled for 10:30 AM (local time), the championship match will be played later in the afternoon.

Mens Quarter Finals – Blanco / Garcia (GUA) d. Macneal / Russell (CAN) (12-21, 23-21, 15-12); Barajas / Cruz (MEX) d. Flores / Guatemala (ESA) (21-9, 21-10); Urrutia / Satterfields (USA) d. Williams / Whitfield (TTO) (25-23, 21-16).

Cuba, Canada, Guatemala and Puerto Rico are Cayman Islands Semifinalists

SEVEN M ILES BEACH, Cayman Islands (May 20, 2023) – Cuba, Canada, Guatemala and Puerto Rico advanced to the Women’s Semifinals of the third stage of the NORCECA Tour in Cayman Islands.

The Cuban duo, Yenifer Rivera / Amanda Armenteros defeated Mexico’s Atenas Gutierrez / Abril Flores in a three-set battle (21-19, 20-22, 17-15), by far the best match of the tournament.

Alanis Navas / Maria Gonzalez of Puerto Rico reached their first semifinal of the season by defeating team USA of Alaina Chacon / Kylie DeBerg 2-0 (22-20, 21-17)

Ruby Sorra / Lea Monkhouse of Canada achieved a quick victory over Jamaicans Chauna Kelly / Petal Smkith  by a 21-15, 21-3 score.

The Central American battle between Guatemalans Natalia Giron / Estefanie Bethancourt and (Yvonne Soler / Laura Molina of El Salvador was dominated by Giron and Bethancourt 21-15, 21-17.

Natalia Girón and Estefanie Bethancourt of Guatemala advance to gold medal match in Cayman Islands

With these results, the Sunday’s semifinals are:

Ruby Sorra / Lea (Canad) vs Alanis/Navas (Puerto Rico)

Yenifer Rivera / Amanda Armenteros (Cuba) vs Natalia Girón / Estefanie Bethancourt (Guatemala)

Womens Quarter Finals  – Sorra / Monlhouse (CAN) d. Kelly / Smith (JAM) (21-15, 21-3); Giron  / Guerra (GUA) d. Soler / Molina (ESA) (21-15, 21-17); Rivera / Amanda (CUB) d. Gutiérrez / Flores (MEX) (21-19, 20-22, 17-15); Navas / González (PUR) d. Chacon / Deberg (USA) (22-20, 21-17). Quarter Final Loser – Thompson / Gandolfi (CAY) d. Tulloch / Gaetos (CAY) (21-9, 21-11); Albarran / Torres (MEX) d. Almanzar / Paniagua (DOM) (21-12, 21-19); Lopez / Silva (NCA) d. Sofi / Quesada (CRC) (21-11, 21-13); Corah / Goodman (CAN) d. Buckner / Charles (ISV)

Seven teams undefeated on day one at Cayman Islands men’s competition

SEVEN MILES BEACH, Cayman Islands (May 18, 2023) – Day one finished with seven men’s duos undefeated at the third stage of the NORCECA Tour in Cayman Islands.

Orlando Joseph / Irvens Benjamin of Haiti had an outstanding performance. They are returning to Cayman Islands for the second year in a row, achieving one victory and a battled three sets against the experienced Daneil Williams /Fabien Whittfield of Trinidad & Tobago.

Both teams from United States, Canada and Mexico, along with Trinidad & Tobago and El Salvador lead their respective pools undefeated.  

Click here to watch matches on all three courts live.

Jorge Barajas of Mexico

Men´s Results Day 1: Pool A – Urrutia / Satterfield (USA) d. Fiddick / Amaro (BER) (21-9, 21-3); Flores / Guatemala (ESA) d.  Isaacs / Gene (BAH) (21-12, 21-18); Urrutia / Satterfield (USA) d. Isaacs / Gene (BAH) (21-7, 21-7); Kwasny / Rodriguez (ISV) d. Fiddick / Amaro (ISV) (21-15, 21-12); Flores / Guatemala (ESA) d. Kwasny / Rodriguez (ISV) (17-21, 21-19, 15-13); Fiddick / Amaro (BER) d. Isaacs / Gene (BAH) (18-21, 21-14, 16-14).  Pool B – Sarabia / Virgen (MEX) d. Hazzard / Fredericks (AGU) (21-10, 21-7); Williams / Whitfield (TTO) d. Olando / Irvens (HAI) (19-21, 21-7, 15-3); Sarabia / Virgen (MEX) d. Olando / Irvens (HAI) (21-6, 21-10); Hodge / Seabrookes (SKN) d. Hazzard / Fredericks (AGU) (21-3,21-8); Olando / Irvens (HAU) d. Hazzard / Fredericks (AGU) (21-10, 21-18); Pool C – MacNeil / Russell (CAN) d. Dominica / Florent (DMA) (21-12, 21-8); Barajas / Cruz (MEX) d. Dyner / Brown (CRC) (21-10, 21-12); MacNeil / Rusell (CAN) d. Barajas / Cruz (MEX) (24-22, 15-21, 15-11); Santamaria / Jesario (CAY) d. Dominica / Florent (DMA) (21-19, 21-16);  Barajas / Cruz (MEX) d. Dominica / Florent (DMA) (injury); Dyner / Brown (CRC) d. Santamaria / Jesario (CAY) (23-21, 21-15). Pool D – Kemp / Gannett (CAN) d. Cascante / Lopez (NCA) (21-19, 16-21, 15-9); kolinske / Smith (USA) d. Barrozo / Wright (CAY) (21-8, 21-9);  Kolinske / Smith (USA) d. Blanco / Garcia (GUA) (21-15, 21-14); Kemp / Gannett (CAN) d. Barrozo / Wright (CAY) (21-10, 21-6).

No surprises in the women’s competition at Cayman Islands

SEVEN MILES BEACH, Cayman Islands (May 19, 2023) – The action in the women’s division had no surprises on the first day of competition at the Cayman Islands leg of the NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tour.

A total of 24 matches were played under perfect weather conditions, in front of the calm Caribbean Sea.

Both Mexican teams, alongside Cuba, Puerto Rico, Canada, El Salvador, Cayman Islands and Guatemala closed a perfect day, placing themselves halfway to advance into the quarterfinals.

The group of death (Pool B) presented strong battles from Mexico (Atenas Gutiérrez / Abril Flores) and Puerto Rico (Allanis Navas / María González) who achieved hard-fought victories against Canadians Devin Cora / Adriel Goodman. Both duos are close to decide pool B top place to move into the next phase, although the Puerto Rican duo had a tough opposition from Dominicans Bethania Almanzar / Crisma Paniagua.

The second day of action will begin at 8:00 AM (local time) with the last matches of the preliminary round, followed by the quarterfinals in the afternoon.

Ivonne Soler of El Salvador diggs

Women´s Results Day 1: Pool A – Chacon / Deberg (USA) d. Peters / Thomas (ANT) (21-4, 21-7); Albarran / Torres (MEX) d. Buckner / Charles (ISV) (21-5, 21-10); Albarran / Torres (MEX) d Chacon / Deberg (USA) (injury); rivera / Amanda (CUB) d. Peters / Thomas (ANT) (21-11, 21-8); Rivera Amanda (CUB) d. Buckner / Charles (ISV) (21-8, 21-12); Albarran / Torres (MEX) d. Peters / Thomas (ANT) (21-11, 21-11); Pool B – Gutierrez / Flores (MEX) d. Wolfenden / Powery (CAY) (21-8, 21-13); Navas / Gonzalez (PUR) d. Corah / Goodman (CAN) (21-14, 21-18); Gutierrez / Flores d. Corah / Goodman (CAN) (21-16, 23-21); Almanzar / Paniagua (DOM) d. Wolfenden / Powery (CAY) (21-17, 22-20); Navas / Gonzalez (PUR) d. Almanzar / Paniagua (DOM) (21-19, 21-18);  Corah / Goodman (CAN) d. Wolfenden / Powery (CAY) (21-9, 21-16); Pool C – Sorra / Monkhouse (CAN) d. Settle / Moss (BER) (21-8, 21-10); Soler / Molina (ESA) d. Tulloch / Gaetos ( (CAY) (21-13, 21-19); Sorra / Monkhouse (CAN) d Tulloch / Gaetos ( (CAY) (21-4, 21-8); Lopez / Silva (NCA) d. Settle / Moss (VER) (21-10, 21-14); Soler / Molina (ESA) d. Lopez / Silva (NCA) (21-15, 21-14); Tulloch / Gaetos (CAY) d. Settle / Moss (BER) (21-12, 12-21, 15-11);Pool D – Giron / Guerra (GUA) d. Danila / Philip (LCA) (21-4, 21-5); Kelly / Smith (JAM) d. Sofi / Quesada (CRC) (21-18, 22-20); Giron / Guerra (GUA) d. Kekky / Smith (JAM) (21-18, 21-15); Thompson / Gandolfi (CAY) d. Damila / Phillip (LCA) (21-5, 21-6); Thompson / Gandolfi (CAY) d. Sofi / Quesada (CRC) (23-21, 21-16); Kelly / Smith (JAM) d. Denila / Phillip (LCA) (21-14, 21-7).

Cayman Islands receives the NORCECA Tour once again

SEVEN MILES BEACH, Cayman Islands (May 18, 2023) – One of the most traditional and fun tournaments in the history of the Norceca Tour returns to Seven Miles Beach in Grand Cayman this weekend.

This will be the third event of the 2023 season.

Kennedy McGowan, President of the Cayman Islands National Federation, said he was very pleased to be part of the tour again. “We will have three days of a high level of beach volleyball”

The stage brings together 20 men’s teams and 20 women’s teams that represent the Cayman Islands, United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Jamaica, Antigua, Anguilla, Bahamas, Bermuda, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Guatemala, Trinidad & Tobago and Dominica.

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Seven Mile Beach Venue in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Mens: William Kolinske / Hagan Smith, Jake Urrutia / Ian Satterfield (USA); Juan Virgen / Miguel Sarabia, Jorge Barajas / Gabriel Cruz (MEX); Russell Macneil / Jake Macneil,  Rouzbeh rahnavard / Simon Feclean (CAN); Jefferson De Jesus Cascante / Denis Jose  Lopez (NCA);  Andy  Leonardo / Luis Garcia (GUA); Daniel Williams / Yulius  Brown (CRC); Daneil Williams  / Fabien Whittfield (TTO); Franklin Flores / Armando Guatemala (ESA); Brian Kwasny / Gabriel Ospina (ISV); St. Clair Hodge /  Shawn Seabrookes (SKN); Casey Santamaria /  Jesario ebanks, Jesper Barrozo / Tarek wright (CAY); Olando Joseph / Irvens Benjamin (HAI); Jon Isaacs / Eugene Stuart (BAH); Daniel Fiddick /  Brian  Amaro (BER); Aiden Hazzard / Da’Qwan Fredericks (AGU); Deon Vidal / Yahn Florent (DMA).

Womens: Katie Lindstrom / Teagan Van Gunst, Geena Urango / Carly Skjodt (USA); Atenas  Gutierrez / Abril Flores, Esperanza Albarran /  Susana Torres (MEX);  Ruby Sorra / Lea monkhouse, Devin Cora / Adriel Goodman (CAN); Natalia  Giron / Estefanie Bethancourt (GUA); Sofia Vega /  Kianny Araya (CRC); Yvonne Soler / Laura molina (ESA);  Allanis Navas / Maria Gonzalez (PUR); Taylor Buckner / Mannika Charles (ISV);  Yenifer Rivera / Amanda Armenteros (CUB); Bethania  Almanzar / Crisma Paniagua (DOM); Socorro Lopez / Nahima Silva (NCA); Chauna Kelly  / Petal Smkith (JAM), Niyota Petera  / Joelle Thomas (ANT); Allison settle / Hailey Moss (BER); Denila Prospere / Clio Phillio (LCA)